A Bit About Moment

Developers interact with dozens of tools in the process of shipping and operating web software—source control, monitoring tools, various command-line tools, etc. Most of these tools have bad UI, no UI, or a steep learning curve. They don't interoperate. People learn these tools because they have to, but using them is never delightful.

Moment is reinventing this experience. We collect all these tools and streamline them under a single UI that people love using.

We believe shipping software is a productivity and design problem rather than a technology problem. We want to build tools to ship and operate web services that are fun to use. Our potential customers are platform and infrastructure engineers, who are deeply technical and have a lot of access, and you have the chance to build a product that makes them more productive and impactful.

The Opportunity

Moment is looking for our first Product Manager. For our first Product Manager hire, we want a generalist who can juggle being strategic with the founders and operational/tactical with the team. We are also looking for someone who has worked with a highly technical product and a technical customer base, who has product management experience working at a SaaS company.

You’ll operate with one foot in the factory and one foot in the field, bridging between our customers and our engineering team.

You tend to drive towards action and learning as quickly as possible rather than doing things perfectly.

You will own the following:

  • Building the feedback loops with customers and the Moment team, and testing product hypotheses.
  • Prioritization of work streams and product processes to make sure the engineering and design teams are working towards the product goals.
  • Defining the quality bar of the app and ensuring that the release of the app is stable.
  • Driving alignment between engineering, design, and sales.
  • Track and create visibility into our business goals.

You are willing to dive deep into the world of cloud native infrastructure, such as Kubernetes, Docker, Envoy, and Prometheus. You are willing to learn React and Javascript to use our tool every day, and figure out where the gaps are.

You are excited by the following:

  • Building something new and doing something no one has done before.
  • Ambiguity and driving towards clarity.
  • Working with a technical audience, helping to solve their problems and get them to succeed in their larger engineering organization.
  • Developer productivity and tooling. You love reading about the latest developer productivity research, like DORA metrics and the SPACE ACM paper. You eat up the State of the Octoverse and Github stats.

Within 1 Month, You’ll...

  • Dive deep into the market, user base, and in-flight development projects.
  • Meet our existing customers, and ride along on end-user interviews.
  • Observe stand-ups with the team and other sprint ceremonies, and learn how Moment releases features.

Within 3 Months, You’ll...

  • Run the weekly sprints.
  • Start doing customer interviews and running the user studies.
  • Start forming product hypotheses and plans on how to bridge the knowledge gap.
  • File, prioritize, and triage bugs from both your usage and customer feedback.

Within 6 Months, You’ll...

  • Start defining product and business metrics.
  • Collaborate with the CEO to define the product roadmap.
  • Research and make a recommendation on a Saas vs. Enterprise sales strategy.
  • Create a strategic plan to onboard more customers.

Within 12 Months, You’ll...

  • Work with the CEO to build financial models to develop a strategy for pricing.
  • Work with the CEO on strategy for increasing customer growth and setting the next product vision.